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What Vbeam Perfecta Is For

Vbeam® Perfecta is a must-have laser with over 20 FDA cleared indications.

Safe. Easy to use. Proven time and again for treatment of a wide array of vascular, pigmented, and certain non-pigmented lesions, with a low incidence of side effects. Just look at all the ways your practice can use the Vbeam Perfecta pulsed-dye laser (PDL).​​​​​

Vbeam® 是FDA認證的可以治理20多種症狀的脈衝染料激光。安全,容易操作。用於治療各種血管病變,色素和一些非色素性的病灶。副作用小。

Key Benefits of Vbeam Perfecta

Two ways you can do more for your patients with your Vbeam Perfecta device.

  1. Results without compromise through the Vbeam Perfecta lasers unique combination of advanced technologies

    • Micropulse PDL Technology enables you to treat with or without purpura

    • Perfecta’s 595 nm wavelength perfectly blends depth of penetration into tissue and high absorption of hemoglobin1

    • Our distinctive, cryogen-based Dynamic Cooling Device™ (DCD™) is operator-independent and scales with fluence to consistently protect the epidermis 

  2. Use 595 nm to treat tough discolorations and abnormalities, including reds, superficial browns, and even the most resistant vascular lesions.

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